Titanium tube to store small goods securely

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As you can play a game without thinking much about the result, you can invent things without a clear picture regarding its application. Sometimes it’s an artistic exercise and sometimes the use case suggests itself. According to friends the invention of the CRYPTOTUBE is quite useful and should be marketed. Still the website shall have a little broader scope than just presenting a MiniSafe by being a slightly politicised and possibly anonymous marketing experiment itself.

While you can ask me anything by mail, I wonder how much private data is needed to sell one specific item?


Privacy for the people

The slogan Transparency for the powerful, Privacy for the people is best represented by the News Organisation Wikileaks. The Cryptotube applies this spirit to a physical dimension.

Whether you want a food-safe container to perfectly store your truffles and prevent other gourmets in your household accessing them, a pill box with child-protection or a MiniSafe for goldcoins or memory sticks is up to you.

The cylinder of 50mm in height and 32mm in Ø can easily be carried in any pocket.

The sealing mechanism works with a non-mechanical key and is airtight.

Use Cases

The Cryptotube’s Features

Upon request the Cryptotube is available in different sizes. The features are the same.

Size & weight

50mm in height / 32mm in diameter. Weight is 82g.


The Tube and the cap are CNC-machined from a solid piece of Grade 5 Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V).

Patented Locking Mechanism

A small magnetic key opens the tube. Somehow..


A silicon-based O-Ring is used to ensure air-tightness. Other materials like EPDM or NBR are available.


Minimalistic unconspicious design provides security by obscurity. Anodized (colored) versions are available.

Physical Properties

Basically indestructable & non-corrosive to regular elements. Will last a life-time in seawater for instance.


Unlike all common metals or synthetic plastics Titanium has no interaction with edibles and other goods.

Low profile in radiologic search

Titanium has a considerably lower cross-section than steel in x-ray and electro-magnetic scans.

Standard and Custom Cryptotubes

The standard versions production and affordable pricing shall be kickstarted by a crowdfunding campaign. Higher volume means cheaper raw materials and CNC-machining. Currently Cryptotubes are produced one by one by a smaller machine engineering company, which makes custom versions possible. So if you have specific requirements in size or surface coating talk to me to get a quote.

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